Delivery and integrated channels

With Scloby you can manage all your sales channels with a single tool, wherever you are.

Created for any activity, it can be customized for any type of need. Managing your business will be easier, more practical and faster: you just need a tablet or a computer and you’re ready to go! Scloby integrally handles electronic receipt, lottery receipt, electronic invoices and all your sales channels.

Scloby includes

Cloud POS

To manage sales from tablets, smartphones and computers.


To add automated kiosks to your shop.


The fastest solution to start selling online.

You can also link Scloby to

Delivery services

Such as JustEat, Glovo, Deliveroo and UberEats thanks to dedicated integrations.

Order receiving services

Via Facebook Messenger or a dedicated app.


Your e-commerce site or a specific channel, using our API.

Designed for all your omnichannel needs

Whatever channels you use to reach your customers, you can count on a flexible and easy-to-use cloud platform.

Decide what you want to sell

With Scloby you can create descriptions for your products, choose which channels to sell them on and at what price.

Receipts and electronic invoices

Scloby lets you issue receipts and invoices quickly and easily.
For Italy and other European countries, Scloby sends the purchase information to the revenue agency, also for the purposes of the Italian receipt lottery.
For countries without taxation, you can use the template of your choice.

Simplified accounting

Scloby automatically records the sales for each channel based on the tax rules you have defined together with your accountant.

Centralised inventory

Whatever channels you use to sell your products, you can centrally manage and update your inventory automatically. You can also instruct Scloby to suspend the sale of out-of-stock products.

A look to the future

New sales channels can be easily configured in Scloby through the channel manager. Rest assured that we will always continue to add more integrations, thanks to our powerful APIs.

Data analysis

Easily keep track of your sales, inventory and customers on all your channels with Scloby Analytics.

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